Georgia is the tea and coffee brand of the coca-cola company's portfolio, named after the home state of coca-cola. the brand offers an entire range of hot coffee, flavoured premix hot tea, iced tea and cold coffee. georgia was introduced in india in 2002. the brand in india sources all its beans and tea powder from indian farmers.

Beauty in brazilian subways in february 2014, beauty bazar launched beauty product vending machines at two subway stations in são paulo, luz and paraíso in brazil. subway passengers can pick up nail polish, false nails, stickers and other items from the cash-only machines. 2.

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Whether you have one small office or a large number of offices nationwide, to keep everything running smoothly in the break room and around the office, a vending machine services company can help provide options for keeping the shelves stocked and your employees content.. we have gathered information on the top 10 vending machine companies including user reviews and …

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